We take care of the procurement needs of the energy sector, construction industry and government services

The Company

We take care of our clients global sourcing and procurement needs

Veriscon Global is an international equipment procurement and supply expert serving the energy sector, construction industry and government services. We leverage our vast market knowledge and global network of manufacturers, dealers and agents, to support our customers with their needs. We work closely with manufacturers and certified dealers that represent the world’s most trusted brands.

With corporate office centrally located in London, and an established strategic global network and partnerships, Veriscon Global is very well positioned to support any specialised procurement needs our clients may have across the energy value chain, construction and government services



Competitive Price

With Veriscon Global, you are sure to get the best possible price for your purchase.  

With our very established relationship with manufacturers and certified dealers, we are able to negotiate very competitive prices and commercial terms for our clients orders.


Seamless Payment & Financing.

We have developed very flexible payment solution that is adaptable to different clients requirements. 

We are also able to offer attractive financing solutions for qualified purchases and projects.


Quality Inspection & documentation

With our very experienced inspection experts and robust inspection procedures, we ensure all orders are delivered to the right level of quality and with complete  documentation.



For all products requiring certification, we will ensure certification is obtained prior to order dispatch. 

We have experience working with recognised Independent Verification Bodies, and will engage them where required, to ensure products are fully certified 


Expediting & Smooth Logistics

Our customers benefit from our vast experience and expertise in order expediting and handling of international logistics. 

We work with industry leaders in international trade, shipping, clearing and logistics.


Global Network

We have built a global network of trusted manufacturers, dealers, technical & commercial experts, as well as financiers who are ready to provide affordable financing for certain purchases and projects

We leverage on our global network to deliver best value for our customers

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